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Guide on how to make a website

You may think that making a website is difficult and only highly trained web developers can take on such a task. This guide will hopefully show you that anyone can create a website, and have it up and running on the internet for the world to access in no time at all.

Step 1 - Register a Domain Name

A domain name is your website's www. address. For example, is this websites domain name. The reason why this is the first step in this guide is because you want to make sure you secure your domain name before anyone else does. When you register a domain name, it belongs to you and no one else can register it. So we suggest having a good think about a domain name and register one as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Get a Web Hosting Package

A web hosting service enables your website to be accessed over the internet. Without web hosting, your website cannot be viewed online. There are many hosting servers to choose from but we recommend Cloudways because of their reliability and competetive pricing. Additionally they have WordPress support which allows for easy creation of websites using pre built website templates.

Some web hosting packages include more features than other packages and are not always easy to understand. Below is some information about what the hosting options are. Think about what your website requires and choose the best package for you.

  • Websites - How many websites will you be hosting? A single website or multiple?
  • Website Space - Will your website be mostly text or will it have lots of images? Website space is the size in Megabytes of your entire website. Note; most of the good hosting companies offer unlimited web space which means your website can be any size.
  • Bandwidth - This is the amount of data that is used from visitors to your website. If your website gets many thousands of visitors per day, then your bandwidth will be higher versus a website that only gets a handful of visitors per day. Unlimited bandwidth is recommended as you never know how popular your website can become.
  • Included Domains - This is how many free domains you get with your hosting package. Typically you will get one free domain name registration with your web hosting package.
  • Parked Domains - Allow multiple domain names to view the same website on your hosting package. For example, you may register and also register . By going to either of those domains, will show the same website.
  • Sub Domains - A sub domain is your domain name with something in the front of it. For example, .
  • Email Accounts - Your own domain name email address. For example, [email protected] . Most businesses choose to have their own domain email address.
  • Marketing Offers - You receive discounts on advertising for your website.
  • Step 3 - Create a Website

    The last step is making your website. For this step, we highly recommend using WordPress. Most websites and blogs are made using WordPress because it's free and easy to use. Also, all reliable and established hosting companies have one click installation for WordPress.

    When you have your login for your hosting account, you will need to login and install WordPress. As mentioned above, it's a simple one click installation and after it is installed you can then browse to and begin creating your website.

    Once WordPress is installed into your hosting account, you can browse the free templates, then choose one you like and start adding your content. Alternatively, you can search for a template using the built-in search function. Once you are done, click 'Publish' which will publish your website to the internet for all to view.

    So now your website is on the internet, how about getting some traffic to your website. This is where Google search comes into play. The higher ranking your website becomes, the higher priority it gets in Google's search engine results page. Here we have more information on how to get to the top of Google search .