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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use
Because scrolltotop will add additional functionality to your website by making it easier for your visitors to scroll back to the top of your page. A scroll button also adds a more professional look and feel to your website.

Where do I insert the code?
The code should be inserted at the bottom in your Footer section or just before the </body> tag in your HTML page.

Can I add your code to any website?
You cannot add our code to illegal websites, adult websites, malware, phishing, hacking sites or anything related to illegal activity.

I don't see the Scroll to Top button?
Like most websites, we use Javascript code. Javascript is always enabled by default on all major web browsers. If Javascript is not enabled on your browser, you can turn it on in your browsers' preferences menu. More information on Javascript can be found here.

My Scroll to top Button no longer works?
You may be using an old version of our code. Please copy and paste the code again from our website and make sure the code is at the bottom of your page just before your </body> tag.

Do you show any ads on your buttons?
We do not show any third party ads on our buttons. We do however show a link back to our website on some of our buttons. The link looks like the one at the bottom left hand side of this page. If you do not want to show any link back to our website then simply choose another button. The buttons that have a link back to our website are clearly marked on our homepage.

Do I need to register to use your scroll to top buttons?
There is no registration necessary.

Thanks for the free scroll to top button. How can I show my appreciation?
A link would be nice or support us by choosing a button that has a link back. Alternatively, if you don't want to link to us, you could tell your friends about us on your facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Thank you!

Link code below should you need it.
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